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Bury Tomorrow Black Flame Review

BURY TOMORROW just released the new album entitled BLACK FLAME on July, Friday the 13th. This is the first album of the band being released

I have just discovered BURY TOMORROW recently (thank you YouTube auto-play recommended videos) and I can easily tell, after listening to all their records, this album definitely ranks as the number 1 in my top BURY TOMORROW albums.


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Ayreon new Album and Single

Arjen Lucassen announced at 24th January the details of the brand new AYREON work, both the cover artwork a album track list, which is entitled as “THE SOURCE

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Wintersun announces new album & more

It wasn’t a big news to every WINTERSUN fan that the band was planning a “TIME I” successor, the very long time awaited “TIME II“. However, due to complications with their record label NUCLEAR BLAST, WINTERSUN was unable to finish their album and release it afterwards.  Continue reading “Wintersun announces new album & more”

Sabaton, Accept & Twilight Force in Porto

Last January 20th SABATON brought “The Last Tour” to Portugal to promote their latest record “THE LAST STAND” among two support bands, which are touring with the band during this European World Tour.

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Welcome post!


THUNDERSCAPE was born in December 2016, however, it was officially launched in January 2017. The title THUNDERSCAPE came to the surface with two distinct yet bonded concepts that defines the passion we all share for music: Continue reading “Welcome post!”

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