Last January 20th SABATON brought “The Last Tour” to Portugal to promote their latest record “THE LAST STAND” among two support bands, which are touring with the band during this European World Tour.

The show kicked off with TWILIGHT FORCE, a Swedish Symphonic Power Metal band formed in 2011, promoting their latest release “HEROES OF MIGHT MAGIC“, by playing a setlist with around 30 minutes

  1. Battle of Arcane Might
  2. To the Stars
  3. Riders of the Dawn
  4. Flight of the Sapphire Dragon
  5. Gates of Glory
  6. The Power of the Ancient Force

After 30 minutes of pure awesome fantasy and right after getting ourselves cursed by Blackwald, it was time to rock with Accept, an heavy metal from Germany, which their latest work is entitled “BLIND RACE“, the one the band is promoting as a SABATON‘s support band. Their show was very unique and one to always look back for, next to SABATON I feel it was the highlight of the night since the venue started filling even more with crowd during their time. As well as TWILIGHT FORCE, they played a 30 minutes setlist

  1. Stampede
  2. Stalingrad
  3. Restless and Wild
  4. London Leatherboys
  5. Final Journey
  6. Princess of the Dawn
  7. Fast as a Shark
  8. Metal Heart
  9. Teutonic Terror
  10. Balls of the Wall

And what about SABATON? A Swedish Heavy Power Metal band? I still have no words to describe how great I felt when they got on stage! Every single band member stage presence is beyond incredible, honestly, this band knows how to pull out a very excellent show and close a night in a massive style!

The history teachers got on stage around 10pm and played a smashing setlist

  1. Ghost Division
  2. Sparta (with Stage Soldiers)
  3. Blood of Bannockburn
  4. Swedish Pagans
  5. Carolus Rex
  6. The Last Stand
  7. Winged Hussars
  8. Resist and Bite
  9. Night Witches
  10. The Lion from the Northwest
  11. The Lost Battalion
  12. Union
  13. Primo Victoria
  14. Shiroyama
  15. To Hell and Back

The best part of it all, is that I still have the goosebumps, even though I am no more at SABATON, ACCEPT and TWILIGHT FORCE show.

If you want to attend “THE LAST TOUR“, make sure you get your tickets while they last. I can guarantee that the money you spend will be worth during every millisecond of the concert – if I could, I would love to go with them throughout the Europe and re-wind the memories in all the different countries over and over again! Not to mention you won’t be only watching SABATON, you can have a blast with TWILIGHT FORCE and ACCEPT as well.
Some pictures I took