It wasn’t a big news to every WINTERSUN fan that the band was planning a “TIME I” successor, the very long time awaited “TIME II“. However, due to complications with their record label NUCLEAR BLAST, WINTERSUN was unable to finish their album and release it afterwards. 

It took many time to renegotiate with their label in order to release a new album. Until 2017, when their audience got spoiled by a few posts from band members saying negotiations were going fantastic and perhaps they could release a new album in the meantime. One week after 2016 came to an end, the spoils were dropped and it became officially – under a few days, we got to know the band was actually releasing a brand new album entitled “THE FOREST SEASONS” with the following track list:

  1. Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)
    Part I The Dark Slumber
    Part II The Awakening
  2. The Forest That Weeps (Summer)
  3. Eternal Darkness (Autumn)Part I Haunting Darkness
    Part II The Call of the Dark Dream
    Part III Beyond the Infinite Universe
    Part IV Death
  4. Loneliness (Winter)
“The Forest Seasons is coming! Shoot 7/7 done. Big news on Wednesday!” – Teemu Mäntysaari

After reading the track-list you may get the same thought I did at first sight: was the band inspired on VIVALDI‘s work “THE FOUR SEASONS“? One thing is for sure, on the titles they were, but what about the symphony of their songs? We will know as time goes by, but we are sure it will be as epic as their previous albums!

WINTERSUN’s new album will have a total of 53 minutes and 20 seconds of pure epic metal!

As a new update, on social media, we were informed that the band an NUCLEAR BLAST decided to go for a indegogo crowdfunding, so both label, band and fans would win. Some of the money out of this campaign will be used to build the long time awaited WITNERSUN HEADQUARTERS 

The purpose of this crowdfunding is to build the WINTERSUN HEADQUARTERS studio. As some of you may know this has been in the plans for a long time. It is our long time goal and dream.

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But the news won’t stop here! On the official update, the band informed they will continue working on TIME II for a future release.

INDEGOGO crowdfunding will be taking place from March the 1st till 31st of the exact same month

This will be the biggest crowdfunding you’ve ever seen in the metal scene! It will be a different kind of crowdfunding than usually.

It will be a massive Wintersun Crowdfunding Package called the FOREST PACKAGE and it will have lots of great Wintersun content including our new album THE FOREST SEASONS. You will be blown away!

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