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Form Instructions

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  1. BAND PROMOTION:¬†We do love promoting old but also new bands. If you have an own band, we’d like you to pick this option and additionally add you website (even if you don’t have one, you can leave your social media link there). Inside the “Message” text box, please let us know a few important information of your band (country, release year, latest album and, more importantly, your genre).
  2. BAND RECOMMENDATION: You can always share your favourites band if you want us to review! We do not promise you to make a instant release, but your voice is always heard!
  3. IDEAS: As previously said, your in-voice for us is very important, so if you really enjoy this place and if you have some great ideas to share, let us know but leaving it in “Message” text-box and by choosing this option.
  4. BUG REPORT: If you find any issue with the website that you want us to solve, this is the one you should pick.